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Stones for Patience

Let’s face it; the holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. There seems to be so much to do, so much to buy, so many people to see, so much to cook, so much to wrap, so much to clean… The list really can seem never ending. And we all know that the longer your to-do list is, the longer each task seems to take! This feeling can be overwhelming, and we obviously don’t have time to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes these feelings cause us to take our frustrations out on others, and that is perhaps the most upsetting consequence during a time of year when we are supposed to be spreading joy and cheer.

Well, of course we had to put together a list of stones that might help. So, the next time you feel like snapping at your mother-in-law or griping at your barista, perhaps reach into your pocket and give one or a few of these stones a squeeze instead. Remember, this time of year is fleeting, which may be making you feel rushed, but the reality is, no one will remember the imperfections in a month, but they will remember your warm smile, calming presence, and kind words.

Here’s our list of Patience enhancing stones!

Emerald: Known as The Stone of Infinite Patience, Emerald is thought to bring unity, loyalty, and compassion to relationships. It’s thought to be especially helpful when feeling upset due to arguments or disagreements.

Chrysoprase: Chrysoprase was often mistaken for Emerald by ancient jewelers. It enhances joy, happiness, and truthfulness, while promoting feelings of love and of forgiveness, which can be especially helpful when spending time with family.

Moss Agate: Moss Agate is said to promote tolerance, justice, trust, and optimism. This stone may help you keep the faith if your plans have gone awry, by offering the peaceful vibes reminiscent of a deep forest.

Howlite: This calming stone is known for enhancing patience and self-control. If you are struggling with sour moods or controlling your temper, keeping a piece of Howlite in your pocket definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Mookaite: If you are dealing with a stressful situation, Mookaite is a wonderful go-to stone for feeling calm and grounded. It is said to help us stay on track, and help us glide over obstacles with peaceful ease.

Lepidolite: Lepidolite is also known to be a calming and balancing stone. It is also said to aid in the release of undesirable behaviors and psychological patterns.It has been said that this stone is especially comforting to those who feel their emotions very strongly, and may be helpful to have around during times of sensory overload or when feeling overstimulated.


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